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My Services


I am a member of the Association for Play Therapy. The Association for Play Therapy (APT), is a world-wide organization dedicated to the advancement of play therapy so that children in need may receive the best possible mental health services. Its members have a unique and distinctive preparation in play therapy.

For more information visit the APT website. 


I utilize some play therapy techniques with teens but primarily utilize talk therapy. I approach each person with their unique needs in mind. Some modes of treatment include cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic, EMDR and Play Therapy using age appropriate tools. My approach is highly integrative pulling from different modalities to best suit the needs of each individual client. 


I have a great deal of experience working with children whose parents are in the process of or have completed a divorce. While I understand that this can be a highly difficult time for the entire family, children are especially vulnerable during this time. Counseling can help them cope with the many changes that are occurring in their lives. Parents are often looking for guidance as to how to best help their children cope. This is an ideal time to seek counseling. My role in this process is to help children adjust and to assist parents with the changes that are occurring. 



Often times issues of custody and visitation arise. My role is as a mental health professional seeking to alleviate symptoms as they occur. I would be happy to make a referral to another provider in your area who can assist in the process of custody evaluations if that is what you are looking for.

**I do not do custody evaluations and I will not testify in court.**


Supervision is available in person and virtually. 

I am able to provide supervision for those interested in becoming a Registered Play Therapist or Registered Play Therapist- Supervisor through the Association for Play Therapy. 

I am also able to provide supervision for Social Workers who are working toward their licensure in the State of Indiana. 


I am working on creating a small training series for professionals in the greater Fort Wayne area. My hope is to help fill a training gap that exists in the area. The goal is to have more professionals trained in Play Therapy to better serve children in the community. 

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